How To Get Free Perfume Samples

A List of the Currently Available Free Perfume Samples

A great way to try out new perfumes prior to buying them is getting free perfume samples. If you do a bit of research, you can find enough free perfume samples that you may never again have to pay for perfume.

One of my drawers is full of free perfume samples and I cannot remember when I last needed to spend my own money buying a bottle of perfume. My aim is to always try to get the newest fragrances and I almost always have a new favorite.

To find an updated list of the free perfume samples you can request then receive in your mail check here. You will also discover other different ways of acquiring free perfume samples. You might be surprised to learn that some have been hiding right under your nose.

Currently Available Free Perfume Samples via Mail

Free perfume samples by mail usually come in 2 different forms. A small vial with the perfume inside is the best perfume sample you can get. This is enough to last you a while, offering you several uses. I love carrying these when I travel.

The paper perfume sample is the other kind of perfume sample you can get. This perfume is infused on a piece of paper you can just smell or get a single use out of. Once I have finished using paper perfume samples, I like putting them in my clothes drawers so that everything smells wonderful.

How Else Can You Get Free Perfume Samples Via Mail?

You can use several other ways to obtain free perfume samples via mail. The methods leave a bit more to chance but you can get a ton of samples this way.

Look inside the magazines you own. Free perfume samples are available in a good number of fashion and women’s magazines. If you currently receive such magazines, be sure to flip through searching for free perfume samples. I always ensure that I request all free magazines to help me stock up on all the free perfume samples.

You can also request a free Ulta catalog. Simply create an account at Ulta, the fragrance and makeup store, then indicate that you are willing to receive mailings. Every month you will receive a free catalog that has several perfume samples inside.

You should also be on the lookout for the monthly freebies in the Allure Magazine. Every month, Allure Magazine has a giveaway of complete beauty, makeup, fragrance, and skincare products. Check the Allure Magazine calendar to find out whether they have any free perfume giveaway this month.

Head Out and Get For Yourself Some Free Perfume Samples

Beauty specific stores such as Ulta and Sephora regularly have tons of free perfume samples that you can request for and get. Simply ask for one and it will be given to you.

You can also visit local department stores such as Nordstrom’s and Macy’s and pass by their fragrance counters. They normally have a supply of perfume samples or can sometimes pour some fragrance in a vial for you.

I am optimistic that you will try my method. It has always worked for me and I am currently in possession of a massive collection of perfume samples.

If you are aware of any other methods, please let me know.

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